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Earn from internet connection

Earn from app! 20$-50$ per month

Honeygain will use part of your internet bandwidth for proxy services. If you have a computer or mobile phone and internet, you will earn money. No mining, no clicking, no ads. Do you have more devices like PC, tablet and mobile? You will earn more 🙂

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What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a crowdsourced network company which enables other businesses to conduct intelligence, market, and business research. It is an application which, when turned on, allows you to reach your unused internet’s full potential by making your device a gateway.

Where will the traffic come from?

From data scientists who enable other businesses to run intelligence, market, and business research.
Honeygain clients use our infrastructure to run brand protection campaigns, perform SEO monitoring, as well as conduct ad verification services.

How it works:

You earn credits for every KB of data you bring in, and after collecting enough of credits, you can convert them to USD. You earn 1 credit for 10MB of traffic that goes through you. So for 10GB you’ll earn 1USD.

How much data Honeygain uses?

You can expect usage of up to 2GB per day, although take note that based on your network speed, we can reach a maximum of 15GB per day.

Can I protect myself from using my whole data plan?

Yes. You can do that by simply turning off the mobile data usage in the Honeygain app settings menu. Or if on Windows – right-click Honeygain bee icon and select “quit” to turn off the app.

Will Honeygain’s network usage interfere with my everyday data usage?

You shouldn’t feel any difference with our app running in the background. We set our app to never use more than 10% of your available network bandwidth.

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