Hi claimers, I'm Martin and I'm the new CoinAdster admin.

From 8.1. the previous admin stopped paying and communicating. I managed to contact him because I had cooperated with him before. He told me more about his problems and I offered to buy the website.

The website is saved, the previous admin had a request - not to perform a complete reset. I won't do that. I performed a calculation, about 0.3 BTC is accumulated in the system. Without significant modifications, no one would probably be able to save the site and pay out over $ 9,000.

I have thought of many plans and here is the solution:

- everyone will have an account, referrals and levels

- Bits value will be set to 10 bits = 1 satoshi. This will ensure that anyone who has not selected bits will receive at least something and I will be able to pay out (payouts will continue to be instant).

- Users who have 30,000 bits or more in balance will also receive the same amount in the purchase balance (they can buy advertising).

- the rewards will be adjusted to correspond to the new ratio of 10 bits = 1 satoshi

- faucet and some web functions can be modified

- the minimum payout will be reduced to 500 satoshi only for FaucetPay. Faucetpay will be the only payout option now. There is no reason to have direct payments. Anyone can send their bits to FaucetPay from 500 satoshi at any time and from there it is possible to have them sent to the wallet. And even instant (priority payment on faucetpay).

- old payouts will be canceled - ask again as soon as the payout is canceled and the bits get instant.

I fully understand that this is not positive for users. On the other hand, I want to save the site and I believe that over time I will be able to gain the trust of at least some users.

Support - Please understand that I will not be able to reply to all emails in a short time. I also do not plan to run support on social networks like Telegram. Maybe in the future. Now I want to offer quality email support for legitimate requests.

I wish you nice and relaxing days and I believe that this is the last unpleasant news for you. It is important for you to know that I am interested in running the site and paying instant as a previous admin who paid more than 5 BTC in 1 year.

I want to thank Charles, some of you know him from the Telegram or e-mail support. He helped with everything and I believe that it will be possible to work with him.