Hi CoinAdsters,

please read the news carefully.

Shortlinks contest - More than 500 people a day complete all or most shortlinks. Only 20 people could win. And in recent days it has aroused passions. And it was a source of frequent discussions. After this round of shortlink contest, the competition is canceled. We decided to cancel the contest for 20 people and slightly reward everyone. We will increase the rewards for some shortlinks. It will be possible to earn about 50-100 bits more per day. Everyone will benefit from this step. Also we will add some new achievements after last contest round.

Offerwall contest - we decided to add contest points only for surveys and offers. Bitswall, Offers4all, Clixwall and Skippy will no longer give offerwall contest points. Reason? It's easy. Someone works all week on surveys / offers. And then he is overtaken in the contest by someone who just clicks on the ads for a few credits.

Advertising - advertisers can now temporarily buy PTC advertising at a discount, price starts at 5 bits! (valid for next 5 days approx.)

Coupons - this feature will be removed from the menu. Reason? After more than half a year, people keep asking about coupons. It is annoying. I added information to the guide on how to get a coupon, I shared coupons 1-2 times a week, yet it was usually used by only a few people. But others kept asking. Coupon will be replaced by 1 higher value PTC ads. Every day you will find 1 ad in PTC ads with a higher value. Maybe just a few bits higher value, but as a result it will give everyone a reward as a coupon every week. Everyone will be rewarded and I will have to endlessly answer the questions of what a coupon is and how to get it. This feature will be removed from the menu but will continue to exist. If we share the coupon, for example on Telegram, there will also be a link to the page, thanks to which it will be possible to redeem the coupon.

We will add new achievements over the weekend.

I wish you good days,