Hello Guys,
after removing the levels, we have partially replenished the reserves in the last days. The situation in the advertising industry is also better. This allows us to do the promo 1min timer again.

We do not want to wait another 2 months, for example, and we have decided since Friday, June 19. (this week) add levels to the faucet at least in some form.
From 19.6. levels will be added for the time being as follows:
  • Level 1 - as now
  • Level 2 - 1000+ claims - 1.05x multiplier
  • Level 3 - 5000+ claims - 1.10x multiplier
  • Level 4 - 10000+ claims - 1.15x multiplier
  • Level 5 - 20000+ claims - 1.20x multiplier
Levels will also be added to Doge-BitsFree.net, our second site. With these levels we can reward loyal claimers and at the same time replenish reserves. Of course, previous claims are included, so if, for example, you have 5,000 claims, you will have a 10% greater reward. In combination with free membership days from achievements you can get beautiful rewards.

From the new month, there will be an increased reward in the referral contest. It is time to move on :-)

I wish you a successful week,

Owner CoinAdster.com and Doge-bitsfree.net