Hi guys! Last days well known come back,
thanks to corona and lockdowns in this industry is a lot of new people, thats why I want share some scam sites from FaucetPay.

First funny scammer is http://michabitco.in/ - but this idiot have a lot of ads on site and maybe you get problem load his site. On FaucetPay is between top paying - its easy - he sending time to time 100, 200 USD from between own address. He scam in past and now is again on board.

Next - 1 owner with 4 or 5 sites :-) free-litecoin.ltdfree-dogecoin.ltd and another sites with .ltd + https://claimfreecoins.io/

He scam people many times and I wrote about him few months ago here, but he is back :-)
Old post here: https://coinadster.com/blog/16.html

Save your time and dont support scammers :-) Is many legit sites.

Have a nice weekend!