Hello Coinadsters!
Reward has been little increased. Some shortlinks + offerwalls and some PTC clicks.
Timer on faucet will be 4 minutes at this times (normally is 5) = you can make 15 claims per hour not 12 as usually.

We will stay without popup advertising. At least as long as the situation permits. There are fewer advertisers, some ad systems are also without advertisers, but we don't want to add popups.

Have a quiet weekend,


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Hello CoinAdsters!

BTC going down, yes we know! Dont worry, if price will be under 6000 USD, we will increase reward for faucet, shortlinks and offerwalls too. We only need 1-2 days, we can changing reward every hour.

Also advertising systems still using old prices, so we cant increase reward by 20, 30% right now, really we need 1-2 days. 

Here is our solution:
If BTC price will be under 6000 at saturday, we will increase reward for faucet, shortlinks and offers, but if ads systems will be paying still same reward, we will add popup window on faucet for few days. We dont want do it, but its solution how we can increase reward at this crazy days.

Offerwall reward will be increased from tomorrow (friday), shortlinks and faucet reward from saturday if price of BTC will be under 6000 USD.

Have a nice day!