Hello CoinAdsters!

Often I am listening stories from users like for my country are not offers, offers not working and other stories. Its not true. If you want, you can earn serious amount of bits every single day. For some countries are amazing offers, yes... but also for countries like Iran, Indonesia, Philippines, Bangladesh etc. are offers. Dont waste your time with faucets and start making serious money.

How you can start?
Start is not easy, yes. You need experience, time... but every day you will be faster.

First - create profile on offerwalls, its important set data as human, not mickael but Mickael etc., add right e-mail. And... never use VPN for offerwalls.
Start with easy quizzes - for example Adscendmedia quizzes - first you must found some image, after 3, 5, 8 image question coming hard questions, you can found the right answer often here: https://brainly.in/ - copy and paste question. Or... you can use Google.

Most popular are Adscendmedia, Wannads (and their Theoremreach surveys too) and also Personaly and their Surveytime.
After some quizzes you can start with better offers. Is possible earn 1000-10000 bits within minutes, yes. This you never earn on faucet. Every day you can improve your skills. Use Google, improve your skills. Offerwalls are for everyone. Do not be poisoned by one failure.

It is also important to have the profiles correctly filled in and respond correctly or remember the previous answers. Once the system detects a conflict, you will not receive quality offers.

Often survey also verifies the accuracy of data. They just give you a question at the beginning and they give you the same at the end. Therefore, treat your offers responsibly and earn nice rewards.

Our tip - start with Persona.ly and their first survey - profile + survey = nice amount of credits, within 20-30 minutes.

Enjoy your day!