just short update because I want sleep :-))

New offerwalls from last days: BitsWall - super easy, AdGem, more will be added in next days
New jackpot system on faucet
Roll 99,997 to 99,998 - 5,500.00 Bits !
Roll exactly 99,999 to win the Jackpot of 11,000.00 Bits!
3 lucky numbers now - 99997, 99998 and 99999

More fun and more action on CoinAdster, last days we are trying lucky hours - claim timer 1 minute and mini contests on Telegram. Mini contests are only for Telegram users at specified times. Next will be at Tuesday.

Referral system - everyone can purchase referrals from market - my tip - dont purchase 1 or 2 referrals for hard earned bits. Referrals are filtered but still you can purchase someone who will be inactive in next days. Prices has been set for your profit, sense makes buying for example 10 referrals. Even if they were only 2 long-term active, sooner or later you will be in profit. Also memberships can boost your profit from referrals and you can grab your membership days for free from Achievements.

And now my offer:
I am looking for advertisers = more PTC ads for everyone. Till 15.2. deposit bonus - 20%! Bonus will be credited automatically within 24 hours into purchase balance.

Small gift for first 100 - coupon code for 20bits: first100take20

Good night or morning :-)