Ciao CoinAdsters!

Good news for everyone are finally here! ?

Script has been updated, new features:

  • Referral market - boost your income with filtered referrals - not bots and fake accounts, only accounts with claims and shortlinks completed!
  • Investment game is back, we will test more this game, now we set limit 50 bits per bet
  • New achievements - grab small reward for your referrals and offerwall tasks!
  • finally more offerwalls! You can found new offerwalls in menu, but still are not active, will be done within hours/few days
  • translations - yehaaa! Finally no more auto translators on CoinAdster! Our amazing users working on translations
Folks now about our referral market
This feature is not launched for our profit, but for web growth. Only members active in past 7 days, with at least 30 faucet claims and 30 shortlink visits are offered as referrals.

Of course you won't profit on every referral you buy. It does not mean that if someone was active, he will continue to be active. But the primary goal for us is profit for users. Why? Its easy, your profit means you buy more and more referrals. We will use this money to further promote and grow CoinAdster. Its easy as 1, 2, 3.

100 referrals will cost you 200,000 satoshi, its less than 20 bucks for 100 filtered referrals. If you were promoting a site, you would need 300-500 referrals for 100 active referrals. In this context, the price is very friendly. Remember that some users use the faucet for several hours a day and may claim every 5 minutes. With membership you can multiply your earnings.

Have a nice day!