Based on the quiz that many of you filled out, we decided to make some minor adjustments. Some things we can apply right away, some require some time!

New achievements added - an amazing reward for hard workers and loyal users - good motivation :-) With membership you can withdraw from 500 satoshi instantly and your rewards are better, not just from referrals.
10,000 shortlinks visits - 60 Membership Days
10,000 faucet claims - 60 Membership Days
(has been added few days ago, not based on a quiz)

New levels added! I am not a big fan of faucet levels! Most of the sites using levels as a marketing trick! Like 1000 levels but every level add 0.001 to a multiplier. In CoinAdster you can reach 1.2x multiplier very fast. And if I will add multipliers like 2x, 3x... then I will just reduce income for users without a multiplier,  this is not the right way! But for hard workers and loyal users, I add 6 other levels - up to 1.3x multiplier! If in the future the faucet claim time will be raised, the levels will remain, they will never be changed! So you have a great chance to quickly raise your faucet rewards for the future.

Level 1 is still starting point - multiplier 1.00x
Level 2 is still same - multiplier 1.10x
Level 3 is still same - multiplier 1.2x

New levels:
Level 4 - multiplier 1.21
Level 5 - multiplier 1.22
Level 6 - multiplier 1.23
Level 7 - multiplier 1.24
Level 8 - multiplier 1.25
Level 9 - multiplier 1.30x!

Btw. first users reach 4000+ claims (in the first 2 months really amazing!).

Popups - popups are an important part of faucet. Especially if we want to work in the long term. Well functioning faucets such as FireFaucet have a popup window every time the page is loaded. But we slightly lowered the popup windows on the faucet. Other parts of the site have been reducing the intensity of popup windows for over a week and it will be maintained. Since I can see that popups matter to everyone, I will do my best to ensure that there are no popups on CoinAdster as soon as possible. I have added a new section - Airdrops, I plan to address several projects offering advertising, partnerships and I believe that I will soon be able to remove or even reduce popups. I realize that solid projects do not have popup advertising, but unfortunately, this is currently necessary.

Shortlinks - Several lossy will be removed within 2 days. On the contrary, I will raise the rewards for a few shortlinks slightly. More shortlinks with reward of 10, 15, 20 bits and less with reward of 5, 7, 9 bits.

- shortlinks contest as now - weekly
- referral contest - monthly as now but time to time weekly with small reward
- offerwall contest - weekly as now but time to time monthly with big reward

The quiz score was approximately 50/50. I decided to compromise! From 1.2. - Monthly lottery with 100K bits jackpot (doubled but monthly). Ticket price same as now.

For 90% of users, site is fast, but 10% of users have some bugs - please, report your problems in comments. It's important for me, just with your feedback I can improve the site.
20% of users want some changes in design - OK, this will not be fast, but I will work on it!
30-40% of users from quiz using the site on a smartphone - I must admit that I did not test the site too much on my mobile. I'll try to make small adjustments for smartphones.

Other features I want to add in the future:
- video guides - first videos within 1 week - complete shortlinks like a pro + get to know all the features of our site
- special newsletter - who joins will receive promotional emails 1-2x per week, but each will contain a coupon code.
- site translations (Q2 this year: Philippines, Russia)
- Q3-Q4 - pure offerwall site, into Coinadster I can add more offerwalls (just 1 will be added). But I open the page only with offerwalls, 15-20 offerwalls on start.

For a few silly and offensive comments in the quiz - it's easy, if you're so unhappy about our site that you have to be vulgar, have a worse life and annoy you, don't use it. 

Thank you all who provided feedback!