Hello CoinAdsters,

here is just warning about one guy, which own many sites on a script like me. 

Guys free-ethereum, free-bitcoin, free-litecoin, free-dogecoin, free-bcash, free-dash and clickbits.io is 1 admin! And scammer

Clickbits has been reopened with reseted accounts. Don't put all eggs into 1 basket. Use sites proven by time, with paying admins. Especially sites where admin is online somewhere (chat, telegram, forum etc.) minimally sometimes. 

These sites are opened just for 1 shortlink page with AdSense. If admin gets ban from AdSense, he will close doors again. And maybe then open another company, another Adsense account and start again. You can grab some satoshi here, but 5 satoshi per shortlink... it's funny. 

Is many sites which paying many months, from PTC like Coinpayu, Adbtc, from faucets like Faucetcrypto just for example. Admin spend some dollars in ads, grab some sheep, now he earns something from Adsense and bye :-)

Why this information is here? Its easy, someone from you can thinking like ohhh this site looks very similar, this will be same admin. No, he is fu*king scammer. And scam you again. Sure maybe you will found this site in PTC section on our site, its easy, everyone can purchase ads here. But please dont support this scammer, try another sites. Check BeerMonneyForum for example.

And be careful also before sites like free bitcoin generator, free ethereum generator, free faucet collector etc. This sites are looking like a money machine, show you that you earn 1 BTC etc. and ask you for small fees. Also very popular scam is site with exchanges, this site showing you something like buy BTC here, sell here and you will be in profit. Where is problem? 1 exchange is fake exchange and never send you coins :-)

Everyone in our site can purchase ads, I am happy for every advertiser, because its another paid link for you, but every time check site before you will send your data to admins. Check if site is paying (Foxyrating, Beermoneyforum...), check if admin is somewhere (Telegram or somewhere). Use different passwords everywhere. USe different mails, 1 for personal communication with friends, family etc.,, another for sites like exchanges and important sites and one for sites like faucets, PTC... use 2fa authentication where you can, specially in exchanges and e-wallets. Use updated browser, dont instal unknown extensions to your browser and use some security software.

Thanks for your time and have a nice day!

Admin CoinAdster