Hello CoinAdsters!

New week coming and new promo coming! Till 20.1. higher reward for shortlinks will be active. From 20.1. the shortlinks reward will be returned to standard values and start Paid to Click promo!

At least 20 paid ads every day and at least 1 ad for 40 or more satoshi! Overall, it will be possible to click more bits every day until 27.1.

We want to reduce Shortlinks to 50-60 so we don't lose money on some bad shortlinks and keep the rewards for all shortlinks as big as possible. Btw. shortlink weekly contest has been increased!

One another news - withdrawal minimum has been reduced for upgraded members. You can purchase membership or claim your membership days in Achivements section and withdrawing from 500 satoshi every day.

Guys if you claiming on faucet - allow notifications on our site - we never send spam, but you will be notified about promos like claim every 3 minutes next 6 hours, bonus click etc. No more than 2-3 notifications per week dont worry! I dont like notifications too.

And small promo for YouTubers! - Are you YouTuber? We need you! :-)

Job reward for Youtube video has been increased! Earn from your referrals, win another bits from referral contest + get another bits from job section. Reward has been increased from 500 to 3000 bits - if you are smart, you can grab your reward and create another video about your withdrawal and grab another referrals :-)